Tags: gul tiger ' s eye, brunetter blå øjne, golden osmanthus øje, golden tiger ' s eye, grøn tiger ' s eye, cat ' s eye blå, blue cat ' s eye, blue eye sommerfug, rød tiger ' s eye, kollagene guld eye.

kr46.09 kr76.86
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  • m13

  • Oprindelse: KN(Oprindelse)
  • Bøde eller Mode: Mode
  • Metal Type: INGEN
  • Item Form: Oval Form
  • Materiale: Sten
  • Element Vægt: 20g
  • Model-Nummer: K1582
  • Ydre Diameter: 13mm
  • Element Type: Perler

Stand: Ny

* Størrelse(Ca.): 18x13x6MM

* Vægt(Ca.): 21g

* Antal:10 Stk

As always-service for delivery at the highest level! Bravo! But, this time no luck with material quality .... from past shopping experience, ordered 20 stones from the calculation that you can choose at least 5 worthy stones, but really air-conditioned (AAAAA + by the usual Asians, the evaluation system) were only 3 Stones: correct cut, polishing, site without flaws. I do not know what was guided by the cutter, but to cut the blanks under the cababon with the orientation of the Amphibola lines is not even crossed, but diagonally, leaving the most unsightly areas in the center of the surface of kabashon... maybe drunk was, European, new Year marked :)).

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