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  • Bruger: Rengøring
  • Model-Nummer: Uld Tør Bold
  • Type: Tørretumbler Til Uld Tør Bold
  • Type2: tøjvask vask bolden
  • type1: Tørretumbler Bolde
  • Type3: afløb hår catcher


Material: Wool


Diameter: About 5cm/1.96in; 6cm/2.36in; 7 cm/2.75in

Quantity: 6 pcs / set


1. Try sniffing the ball drier by putting a few drops of essential oil (lavender, lemon, etc.) into each ball.This aroma lightly your clothes!

2. Make safe and great looking toys!They are great for playing indoor and outdoor as an alternative to using.

3. Reduce the static even more by making sure the clothing is not over-dry.Try to take your clothes off earlier than you usually do.

Package includes:

6 x Balls Dryer Wool


Due to different batches of production, product details may be slightly different.If you care about the difference, please buy carefully.

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