Tags: harajuku top, harajuku stil, poker tshirt, klud poker, inflat, emo tshirt, emo, mænd t-shirt, Harajuku-shirt, mænd net.

kr76.99 kr171.07
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  • Toppe Type: Tees
  • Ærme Stil: korte ærmer
  • Element Type: toppe
  • Mærke: INFLATION
  • Style 1: Harajuku 100% Bomuld Mænd t-shirt
  • Stof Type: Klædes
  • Style 2: sjove tshirt
  • farve: sort,hvid
  • Materiale: 100%bomuld
  • Ærme Længde(cm): Kort
  • Hætteklædte: No
  • Punkt Nr.: 1027S20,1029S20,1030S20,1031S20
  • Stil: Print Mænd T-shirt
  • Mønster Type: Udskriv
  • Punkt Nr 1: 1033S20,1034S20,1140S20
  • Størrelse: S,M,L,XL
  • Krave: O-Hals
  • Køn: MÆND
  • Oprindelse: KN(Oprindelse)

Galkina Mariya
Fabric for garbage
Lisa Gutschi
Fabric for garbage
Quickly came, oooochen liked. The first purchase of this brand, I fell in love with myself in the package :) I took it for myself, there was only s Ka, and the price of the point is 777 rubles. Somewhere in the reviews read, like "we pay for the design, and not for quality"-it turned out to be far from it! Very beautiful, clear print, dense incredibly pleasant cotton, completely does not shine through, I wear it in winter on linglish. neat sewing, you can see-"firm"! The model is still male, it leaked on the "pumped holku", so you better have a larger size,-There's a little cake around my neck, but I think it's gonna be... 164-86-68-86-внизу almost in obtyag. I recommend-I recommend! Thank you, great store!

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