Tags: eye makeup, artifici blomst, cosmet, skygge, Baggrund, blusher ansigt, koreanere shirt, koreanere makeup sæt, Eye Shadow, digital notesblok tablet.

kr83.27 kr134.31
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  • Fordel: LYSERE
  • Finish: Shimmer
  • NETTO VÆGT: 2,8 g
  • Mærke: ZEESEA
  • Enkelt farve/multi-farve: Enkelt farve
  • Oprindelse: KN(Oprindelse)
  • Land/Område for Fremstilling: Kina
  • Type: Eye Shadow
  • Størrelse: Full Size
  • Mængde: 1
  • Antallet af Stykker: En Enhed

Very beautiful sequins that shine in the sun. In the photo in makeup they are between pink and brown flowers-in the form of a strip. The silicone applicator seemed tough, but in use no discomfort. On the photo is a make using this product, and other zeesea brand. More reviews in my instlumos_vi and here comes the video on the Lumos VI YouTube channel with a review of this cosmetics of this brand

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